Seminar Series: 2017

Innovations in maternal and perinatal health in humanitarian settings: Exploring evidence and innovations to improve maternal and newborn survival among populations affected by humanitarian crises 

This new seminar series will take place at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) in collaboration with the Global MDSR Action Network and LSHTM’s Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre and The Centre for Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive, and Child Health (MARCH).

Objectives of the seminar seSierra Leone_Mobile Pilot_2015ries

In 2015, a record high of over 65 million people were living in forced displacement and 89 million people were affected by natural hazards with those living in extreme poverty most at risk (GHA 2016 report). Health outcomes for pregnant women and their babies are worse in humanitarian crises and providing health services for them present with unique challenges.

This seminar series aims to explore what evidence is available from maternal and perinatal death surveillance and response systems and other methods of assessing maternal and perinatal outcomes in crisis settings. Specifically, the series will explore innovations with the potential to increase our understanding of the impact of humanitarian crises on the health of mothers and babies, and inform interventions to improve health outcomes in humanitarian responses and health systems. Presenters will share ideas and experiences on pragmatic solutions to improve health outcomes and strengthen health systems.