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The WHO application of ICD-10 to deaths during the perinatal period: ICD-PM

This is the first publication to help countries strengthen their data on maternal and neonatal deaths, and stillbirths that the WHO launched in August, 2016. This report presents a standardised system that enables the accurate capture and categorisation of stillbirths and neonatal deaths around the world. The ICD-PM is meant to guide those assisting healthcare providers and those tasked with death certification to accurately classify perinatal deaths.

Three distinct features of the ICD-PM are worth noting:

  • It captures the time of the perinatal death – either before, during or seven days after labour
  • It applies a multi-faceted approach to categorising the cause of death
  • It links a perinatal death to the mother’s condition (e.g. diabetes or hypertension), even if there is no condition to report. This feature aligns with the recommendation of the Every Newborn Action Plan to capture maternal complications with the registration of a perinatal death

The report includes tools and classification codes to facilitate consistent reporting. This is the first time that all stillbirths, and neonatal and maternal deaths can be consistently classified across all low-, middle- and high-income settings.

Visit the MamaYe-E4A website to read the evidence summary, and to link to the report and other relevant publications.

An innovative approach to measuring maternal mortality at community level in low-resource settings using mid-level providers: a feasibility study in Tigray, Ethiopia

This paper proposes a community-based approach to measuring maternal mortality based on a feasibility study conducted in 2010-2011 in Tigray, Ethiopia, based on the concept of ‘task shifting’.

Priests, traditional birth attendants and community-based reproductive health agents were given responsibility for locating and reporting all births and deaths, and they assisted mid-level providers to locate key informants for verbal autopsy.

From there, nurses and nurse-midwives were trained to administer verbal autopsies and assign cause of death according to WHO ICD-10 classifications.

The study highlights the feasibility of using existing community and health structures to implement MDR.