Time to Respond: a report on the global implementation of maternal death surveillance and response

This is the third publication that the WHO launched in August 2016 to help countries improve their data on maternal and neonatal deaths, and stillbirths. This document presents the findings of a global survey conducted by the WHO and UNFPA to determine the status of MDSR implementation in countries where there is a national system.

The report helps countries improve their review process for maternal deaths at the facility level (hospitals and clinics). It also gives guidance for developing a safe environment (free of blame) for healthcare providers to improve the quality of care at facilities. Lastly, it offers an approach to capture deaths taking place beyond the health system (e.g. home births).

The document presents implementation and case study insights, which include identifying barriers to successful systems. The next global survey will take place in 2017 and will be repeated every two years.

Visit the MamaYe-E4A website to read the evidence summary, and to link to the report and other relevant publications.