The conduct of maternal and perinatal death reviews in Oyam District, Uganda: a descriptive cross-sectional study

In this paper, published in the BMC Women’s Health in 2016, Agaro and colleagues critically look at the implementation of maternal and perinatal deaths reviews at health facilities in Oyam District, Uganda. They conducted a cross-sectional study reporting both quantitative data and qualitative findings.

Accordingly, the factors that affect the conduct of MPDR are the ‘functionality of maternal and perinatal review committees’, ‘service delivery’ and ‘health workforce’. The authors describe the challenges, lessons learnt and solutions to these factors. They conclude that for the successful implementation and sustainability of MPDRs it is necessary to have the following:

  • A functioning MPDR committee
  • Trained MPDR members
  • Senior staff and administrators attending meetings
  • Feedback and supportive supervision
  • An understanding of accountability
  • Staff motivation
  • An extension to communities