Every Death Counts: Electronic Tracking Systems for Maternal Death Review in India

This article by Chittaranjan Purandare and colleagues in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics describes the process that led to the development of an electronic Maternal Death Review (MDR) system in India. Users were positive about the software, finding it simple to use, secure, and useful to generate reports for planning.  Key lessons learned include:

  • Ensure alignment of the country’s objectives and strategies into software development plans
  • Have a clear implementation road map and project management system to ensure that timelines are followed
  • Have an action plan for both intended and unintended problems that arise
  • Involve programme “champions” who will see implementation to its end
  • Establish public-private partnerships for guidance and support from key stakeholders
  • Share regular updates on progress to ensure help is provided when needed and that team-members are motivated to provide high-quality work