The Global Financing Facility: A Brief Overview

Are you familiar with the Global Financing Facility (GFF)? Do you live in one of the 63 countries receiving or eligible to receive GFF funding?


The GFF was launched by the UN and the World Bank in July last year to improve the health of women, children and adolescents. It is a financing model that combines domestic funding with external resources.

While the GFF is still in its early days, we believe that it has the potential to improve MDSR systems, through investing in civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems, for example. An important focus of the GFF is to improve CRVS systems – a key method for measuring improvements in maternal and newborn health – to capture information on births, deaths and causes of deaths.

GFF visit to Tanzania, where recording vital events is low and improvements in CRVS is a priority for the national government, led to the development of a national CRVS strategy. This plan aims to tackle challenges, such as an insufficient legal framework and the shortage of human resources, to help Tanzania make progress on its maternal and child health outcomes.

We have worked together with the Africa Health Budget Network (a group of African and global organisations and individuals already using or wishing to use budget advocacy as a tool to improve health service delivery in Africa) to develop a brief overview of the GFF, where and how it will operate.


You may also be interested to read the PAI Civil Society Guide to the GFF, a guide for civil society organisations and how to engage with the GFF, which was published last month.

It supports civil society organisations in eligible countries to participate in the various stages of the GFF.

You, too, could play your part in enabling women, children and adolescents in your country to benefit from the GFF.

If you want to know more about the GFF, browse the documents from the fourth GFF Investors Group Meeting held last month in Tanzania, read the November GFF update, visit the AHBN website or get in touch with the AHBN team.