Quarterly Newsletters on MDSR in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia MDSR Newsletter: January 2017, with news that all agrarian regions now report maternal death data for analysis; updates about Ethiopia and the global network to improve the quality of maternal, newborn and child care; and a presentation of key statistics from 2008 in preparation for the new National Report of MDSR data.

Ethiopia MDSR Newsletter: Sept 2016, with news on the publication of the first National Report on Maternal Death Data and four policy briefs on MDSR, a new infographic on maternal deaths in country, and a response to a maternal death at night.

Ethiopia MDSR Newsletter: June 2016, with a new infographic on maternal deaths in Ethiopia, news from the first national symposium on MDSR and lessons learnt on a near miss from haemorrhage.

Ethiopia MDSR Newsletter: February 2016, with updates on the role of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute in managing national MDSR data, inspiring stories of good practice, news on the Ethiopian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecologist’s continuing  medical education module, and two case studies: (1) the death of a pregnant adolescent girl from sepsis and (2) a near miss of a pregnant woman with a scarred uterus who received delayed management.

Ethiopia MDSR Newsletter: November 2015, with updates on Ethiopia’s international MDSR profile, a description of problems with the maternal death reporting format , and a case study of a high risk patient in the late postnatal period.

Ethiopia MDSR Newsletter: May 2015, with updates on integrating MDSR into the undergraduate curriculum at St Pauls Millennium Medical College, inspiring stories of change, and a case study from Addis Hospital demonstrating “gold standard” MDSR practice.

Ethiopia MDSR Newsletter: February 2015, with updates on integrating the MDSR system into the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response system.

Ethiopia MDSR Newsletter: November 2014, with comments and case studies from around the country on the actions taken from MDSR findings.

Ethiopia’s MDSR Newsletter: August 2014, with updates on progress on MDSR at the regional level, and cases studies of maternal death that demonstrate lessons learnt and provide evidence of good practice.

Ethiopia’s MDSR Newsletter: May 2014, with advice for Health Extension Workers and MDSR, and examples of actions in response to death.

Ethiopia’s MDSR Newsletter: February 2014, with case studies on a ruptured uterus and retained placenta, and news from a community orientation and advocacy meeting in West Arsi.

Ethiopia’s MDSR Newsletter: November 2013, with an update on the first verbal autopsies in Oromia and Addis Ababa and a case study on sepsis.