Maternal and Perinatal Death Reviews in Bangladesh

Read more about the Maternal and Perinatal Death Review system in Bangladesh highlighted in this case study:

1)      Biswas, A., Rahman, F., Halim, A., Eriksson, C. and Dalal, K. (2014) Maternal and Neonatal Death Review (MNDR): A Useful Approach to Identifying Appropriate and Effective Maternal and Neonatal Health Initiatives in BangladeshHealth, 6, 1669-1679.

2)      Biswas, A., Rahman, F., Eriksson, C., & Dalal, K. (2014). Community Notification of Maternal, Neonatal Deaths and Still Births in Maternal and Neonatal Death Review (MNDR) System: Experiences in Bangladesh. Health, 6(16), 2218.