About the Network

The Maternal Death Surveillance and Response (MDSR) Action Network aims to support the development of a global community of practice in the area of MDSR, so that together we can make every maternal death count!

What is the MDSR Action Network?

The MDSR Action Network was launched at the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) conference in October 2012. It is hosted by the Evidence for Action programme, on behalf of the World Health Organization’s MDSR Working Group.

The Action Network connects healthcare providers and professionals, academics, politicians, decision-makers and activists committed to end all preventable maternal deaths.

It inspires through the sharing of stories of success. It challenges us to think big and be ambitious. It shares resources and experiences so that we can all learn more and it aims to motivate all those with a part to play to act so that every maternal death counts.

The global MDSR Action Network currently counts over 600 members from more than 75 countries.

Country-level networks linked to the global Action Network are also being developed in order to support MDSR at the country level. These country-level networks will bring together national experts, policymakers, managers, clinicians and civil society actors to advocate for and strengthen MDSR in their own settings.

What does the MDSR Action Network do?

The MDSR Action Network aims to:

  • Support knowledge sharing amongst interested stakeholders through networking and shared platforms
  • Connect individual members as well as a community of interested stakeholders to strengthen the collective capacity on MDSR through peer-to-peer learning
  • Compile and aggregate existing knowledge on MDSR
  • Improve access to both global and local knowledge products and resources on preventing maternal deaths such as research findings, guidelines, case studies and tools, for audiences in local, national and international contexts
  • Facilitate the development of first-hand understanding amongst stakeholders about MDSR
  • Over the longer term, we hope to offer training opportunities and provide interactive support where members have questions or need advice

Find out more about the MDSR Action Network in this video interview with our Network Founder, Louise Hulton.


Membership is free and open to any group or individual with an interest in MDSR.

Members are required to observe an informal code of practice in terms of sharing materials and lessons.

Join our Network or contact us if you want to share your news and views – we need inspiration from all over the world!