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Strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of maternal and perinatal death reviews in Tanzania; perceptions, processes and practice

A recent article, published in Tropical Medicine and International Health, by C. E. Armstrong, I. L. Lange, M. Magoma, C. Ferla, V. Filippi, and C. Ronsmans, analyses the implementation of MPDR in Tanzania at district and regional hospitals and how the staff have engaged with the system, and their perceptions of it.

This qualitative study using semi-structured interviews with thirty-seven key informants found that there was a great need to strengthen the capacities of staff to collect quality data.


The National Committee for Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths (NCCEMD) meets in Malawi

The Reproductive Health Directorate organised an update meeting for the National Committee for Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths (NCCEMD), which was attended by members of the NCCEMD, the focal person for Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response.

At this meeting it was made known that the National MDR report had been approved by the senior management team at the Ministry of Health and additional recommendations had been put forward. These recommendations have been communicated and streamlined across the health system and a reporting template for the health zones’ quarterly updates to the NCCEMD has been developed.


The role of advocacy in the national strategy for maternal death review in Nigeria

The 2014 article ‘The role of advocacy in the national strategy for maternal death review in Nigeria’, by Fred F. Achem, Chris O. Agboghoroma, and Moses O. Adeoye, published in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, describes the role of stakeholder advocacy in the development of a maternal death review programme in Nigeria in 2013. The authors note that MDRs are more sustainable when incorporated into already existing health services. Given that most health services in low-income countries are linked to the government, advocacy efforts by stakeholders to encourage ownership and commitment by governments are vital for the success of MDRs.    Continue reading

Provincial Maternal Mortality Surveillance Systems in China

The 2014 systematic review Provincial Maternal Mortality Surveillance Systems in China, by X-L Gan, C-L Hao, X-J Dong, S. Alexander, M.W. Dramaix, L-N Hu and W-H Zhang in BioMed Research International, describes the current situation of the Provincial Maternal Mortality Surveillance Systems (PMMSS) and provincial maternal mortality ratio (PMMR) data in China. This is the first English language review of PMMSS and is hoped to help health professionals, government officials and international organisations better understand the current state of this surveillance system in China.  Continue reading

Acting on findings from a Maternal Death Review at the facility level

Maternal death reviews (MDR) in Nigeria are not new, as some states have been conducting them over the years. However the methods used were developed locally and unique to each state. Aminu Magashi Garba – Evidence Advisor with the Evidence for Action programme in Nigeria presents the case of a secondary level facility that has been able to make small but important changes after having adopted MDRs.  Continue reading